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  • TP 8:56 pm on June 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    the death of xanga and other things 

    So Xanga is going to die soon. There’s a bit of sad nostalgia seeing it go. Now how will people learn the proper way to spell absurd?

    Image educating 7,277 terrible spellers since 2004.

    p.s. Does anyone else think that “web 2.0” is not that marvelous? yes its wonderful that content can be generated and pulled from external sources. But in a few years aren’t we left with just a bunch of broken links and references?

    I bring this up because that above linked article to nbc will probably be broken in a year or two, and the primary source influencing this post would be lost.

    Also I’ve been getting really annoyed at digging through tech forums and finding links to broken microsoft fix its, or multiple forums all linking to the same dead “fix found here” link.

    loosely relevant xkcd:


    If I may continue to go off on a tangent, I’m starting to suspect that reddit has ruined my sense of humor. I actually would launch now into a theory of how it has, but I’ve lost interest now. I feel like my writing has declined as well.

    worst post ever.

    longest p.s. ever.

    • ohlisa 9:25 pm on June 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Fantastic! The one post of the year and it’s about an outdated, soon-to-be-obsolete blog. Loving it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you have to say next year. See you in 2014!

      • gpspud20 9:41 pm on June 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        my next post will be on our new hosting site, lamenting the death of

      • Kevin 12:25 pm on January 29, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Oh no! All of that nostelgia, gone. Now I’m even more embaressed of my foolish youthful decision to have paid $100 for Xanga premium for life
        = /
        Xanga, I want my $100 and my teenage years back!

      • ognut 2:40 pm on June 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        so meta

  • sourhippo 12:29 pm on November 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    a good day 

    more pics

  • TP 1:29 pm on November 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    hi i wrote another review 

    I wrote another yelp review. I just wanted to share.

    Elmhurst, IL

    Magical place








    I go here at least once every two weeks for lunch.

    They have a pretty expansive menu, but to be honest I’ve only ever ordered the 2 piece 1/4 greek chicken with greek potatoes instead of the rice. It is delicious. If you disagree, I will fight you.

    A significant part of my review is biased towards the quantity. I tend to be more willing to cede quality to quantity when comparing to the price. If I were a smarter person, I would have an actual formula. Roughly my brain works with 2 parts quantity, 1 part quality, weighed over the price.

    Yorky’s 1/4 greek chicken meal is delicious enough AND with large enough portions AND at a low enough price that I practically J in my P plugging those factors into my mental calculations.

    To give you an idea of the portions, think of a baby on a platter. Now take away the baby you sick bastard, we aren’t eating the baby. But that platter is about the size of what they serve your food on.

    This place is exactly what a local food joint should be like. It’s not necessarily worth going out of your way to try, but if you are in the area, work, or live nearby, you will be rewarded with large portions of delicious food for a cheap price.

    Money little, Food much. Don’t like? Fist.

    • ognut 4:29 pm on November 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      you practically jumped in your pool?
      you practically jammed out in your parked car?
      you practically journaled in your portfolio? yea, that was it.

      nailed it

    • Poon 4:34 pm on November 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      jotted-down in my papyrus?
      juked in my pumas?

  • TP 6:03 pm on October 22, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    too much time on my hands? 

    Following on the heels of my other post borrowed from yelp, here is something else that was not written for this blog. It is an email I wrote on a whim to Piperlime. I hope they resolve my issue. If you are wondering about this sudden flurry of posts, please refer to this old post.


    Subject: please stop sending me women’s emails

    Dear Piperlime,
    I’m a dude.

    seriously. im looking like a fool at work.

    i tried changing my unsubscribe settings to send me stuff for men. but its like you are insisting i look ridiculous by having misleading subject lines that could work for men’s apparel as well.
    why yes, i do want to check out things that are “Stripe for the picking” and what the “rise of the loafer” is all about.
    “final sale up to 70%off? + pump it louder?”
    intresting, lets see if reebok pumps are making a comeback…
    Coworker: whats up fag, you checking out lady shoes again?
    I guess i could save myself the embarrassment by strategically reading subject lines better, or not reading personal emails at work….
    …but if you could stop sending me the female shoe emails that would help as well.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  • TP 10:15 am on October 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    my first yelp review 

    There’s no good reason to be posting this here besides that I wrote it really quickly, and then I liked it. I also haven’t written a real post in a while so let’s pretend I didn’t write this for yelp. If you guys are in town again, I’ll take you there cause I’m the mayor on 4square, so, you know, I’m kind of a big deal.

    Elmhurst, IL

    Typically when it comes to fusion you get two sub par cultural offerings combining to make something that hopes to be more than the sum of its parts.

    Zenwich does it right though. All the Asian dishes that are in the sandwiches would stand on their own without the fusion. The curry beef/chicken, bulgogi, crab cakes, satay, and katsu are all legit delicious.

    The bread they use is Ciabatta, which does its job very well in maintaining the structural integrity of the sandwich. This is a very important and often overlooked aspect of a good sandwich. If you order the curry sandwich, you will be impressed by how well the bread holds up to a dish that is saucy by nature (not cause I hate ‘cha!). The bread also has enough give so that if you were to bite into it, it won’t squeeze all the ingredients out the back. Also very important. I hate it when I bite into a delicious sandwich/burger only to have my meats and cheeses blow a raspberry out the backside.

    Through the successful combination of stand alone quality ingredients, and sandwich ergonomics, Zenwich has indeed created an offering that is greater than the sum of its parts. Just remember to order ahead of time, or be prepared to wait a bit. The sandwiches are all made fresh to order so it takes a bit (approx 10min) to cook it all. This is the only knock I can think of against this delightful restaurant.

    TL;DR Zenwich = Gotenks.

    • frankiet 10:27 am on October 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      i cant wait for zenwich to go super sayan 3!

  • frankiet 8:35 pm on October 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Mr. & Mrs. Song 

    I’ve known Joe for the last eight years.  In that time, he has become one of my closest friends—someone I can always go to for support.  I know this because, despite his pacifist nature, every once in a while he will turn to me and say, “Frank, I would punch people for you.  Really, just pick someone out, I will punch them.”  His boxer side really comes out.  But more importantly, Joe is someone I can go to for advice because he is one of the people I respect the most and he has the honesty and integrity to tell me when I am being stupid.

    When I first met him, it was freshman year of college and people were just getting to know each other.  We went out to eat in a big group; I think there were ten of us eating together at a Chinese restaurant.  Someone made a crack that another person must have been starving because his plate didn’t even have a single grain of rice left.  The “starving” guy responded that his mom used to always tell him that if he ate everything on his plate, including every grain of rice, then his future wife would be beautiful.  A hush fell across our table and all the guys got suddenly very focused on their food.  Well, everyone except Joe.  Eventually, someone noticed and warned him, “Joe, you better eat all your rice if you want your future wife to be beautiful.”  Joe responded, “I don’t care if my wife is beautiful on the outside, as long as she is Godly, she will be beautiful to me and beautiful inside.”  A crescendo of oh’s was heard throughout the restaurant; I think three girls fainted.

    And I thought: wow, this guy is full of crap.

    There was no way this 18 year old, with his floppy mop hair, highlighted blond bangs, 3-day old baggy t-shirt, jeans with the frayed bottom and holes, and perpetual skateboard was that mature.

    In fact, when I first met Joe, I had always thought he was super reckless—never really thinking much about consequences.  For example, in college, none of us ever had a lot of money but Joe would always give money or buy food for the homeless who asked him for help.  I thought, that’s great dude, but what are you going to eat?  Or what’s worse was his habit of lending the little money he had to other people even though he would end up in a worse position than they were in.  I used to worry that the guy just didn’t know how to manage his money; he really shouldn’t be giving it away when he didn’t know where it was coming in.  I also thought he was reckless because he spent so little time on schoolwork.  Out of any given week, I would see him crack a book maybe two days.  One year, he missed the first week of classes because he wasn’t sure when school started.

    I used to also think that he was just the luckiest person.  Despite never worrying about a thing and being reckless, things just kind of worked out for him.  He always had just enough money to get by and got through school just fine, even getting into grad school.

    But then I realized it had nothing to do with luck.  I remember trying to convince him not to be so careless about his money and I asked him why he would give it away when he needed it too.  Joe said to me, “The money is not mine, the money is God’s and it doesn’t belong to me anyway.  Besides, God will provide.”  I realized that things turning out for Joe really never had to do with luck, or being reckless.  He chose to put his faith in God, rely on Him, and not let worldly worries stop him.  Why did he only study two days a week? In the other five, he was leading small group, leading worship at AAIV as a praise band leader, serving as a youth group pastor-spending every Friday and Saturday with his kids and all day Sunday-at his home church.  In the end, he got through college fine and went on to graduate seminary.  And all the time he missed from school? He was out on church retreats or missions. In fact, it was at one of those missions that he started getting to know Grace by serving with her.

    Looking at Joe, he again looks like the luckiest guy in the world.  He is able to finally start the only career that I have ever heard him say he wanted to have and he has a wife who is not only beautiful inside and out but is truly a woman of God.  But, it has nothing to do with luck; it’s because Joe has always lived his life basing it on the Word of Christ, letting Him be his goal, and relying on Him to provide.

    Joe and Grace will always be an inspiration to me.  And yes, I would punch people for them too.

    I propose a digital toast to the future Joe and Grace have ahead of them as they walk side by side in their journey with God and a toast to the bright future we can all expect as we anticipate Joe and Grace doing His good works.

  • TP 2:06 pm on October 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    you are losing. 

    The following are some real interview notes from a real candidate we interviewed for an auto CAD drafter position. I cannot reiterate enough that this is real.

    He came in dressed in older pants which were a little dirty, an older shirt that was unbuttoned at the bottom, and a tie that was dirty. Strange mannerisms.

    He was acting out a dialogue between him and his manager and he was doing it pretending that his hands were puppets and one “hand puppet” was his manager and the other “hand puppet” was himself.

    I think he even dozed off during our interview. He had a blank stare on his face and his eyes were like little slits. I was asking him a question and he perked up right away to catch himself from falling asleep. He had other weird actions too, just the way he presented himself.

    He scared me a little.

    Don’t interview like him, and you’ll be one step closer to winning.

  • TP 10:36 pm on September 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    foon foon hay hay 

    I have probably already shown these videos to anyone who would read this blog, but I just have to archive this somewhere so I won’t forget. I seriously just laughed for almost 15 minutes straight by myself watching these. My face hurts. Week. Made.


    Bonus little tidbit with this 2nd video, guess whose voice that is? Jackie frickin Chan. A little bit of bonus joy that I find in that video.

    And here’s something for  you koreans out there to enjoy:

    • larrehui 2:05 pm on January 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      i’ve never seen mulan do i need to turn in my asian card

  • TP 5:26 pm on July 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Check out this guitar playing gadget From Wired… 

    Check out this guitar playing gadget.

    From Wired:

    The Pic Band is like a safety rope for the pick. It comprises a wrist strap and a slightly stiff, flexible band which runs from the wrist to the fingers. Here, it clips onto a proprietary pick, shaped with cut-outs to fit the rest of the device. If you drop the pick, it just dangles within reach.

    The starter kit is cheap, with the straps coming in at $13 for both, with a selection of pics included (in various thicknesses). The pics themselves, however, cost $7 for a pack of 6, or $1.17 each

    A solution to a problem most guitar players have. Seriously, I put my picks down for a second, turn away, and next thing I know they are gone forever. Gone away to the land of Tupac and the other sock. And styled as an accessory, it can be a cool solution to a common problem.

    Although…I can’t help but think how douchey this comes across. The only way for this to maximize its practicality is for it to be worn all the time, which screams, “HEY LOOK AT ME, I TOTALLY PLAY GUITAR, POSSIBLY IN A BAND, AND AT ANY MOMENT A JAM SESSION CAN TOTALLY BREAK OUT SO I GOTTA STAY READY”

    It definitely would be an excellent accessory to the dude who walks around campus with a guitar on his back.

    I want it.


    [Pic Band]

  • TP 12:05 pm on March 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    some vids to waste your time 

    Indie Film Mario IRL

    *edit* above video was ESPN 30 for 30 on the Fab Five but has since been removed

    I remember the Fab Five vividly. A good number of my cousins were cycling through UMich at the time and I would always hear about them. As a result, I had a ton of Michigan gear also as a kid. I didn’t realize at that age what a phenomenon they were. I also didn’t realize how short their time together was. Just two years? With how big they were it felt like they were huge forever.  Admittedly, I was a kid, and when you’re an 8 year old kid, two years is a quarter of your life.

    There is a significant amount of controversy with one of Jalen Rose’s statements in the Fab Five documentary, calling Duke recruits “Uncle Toms.” Certainly, if you are from Duke, or were ever one of the black recruits, it is worth defending yourself over; as Grant Hill did. Rose has since apologized for his statement in the film. I don’t think though, that he should be given that hard of a time for what he said. He was describing the animosity and bitterness he felt as an 18-19 year old. I think we can forgive him for being honest and expressing how he genuinely felt at that age (assuming he no longer feels that way).

    Intresting Vid on Placebos

    • ognut 8:26 pm on April 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      i really like that indie mario vid. somehow luigi reminds me of casey affleck.

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